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AnotherColorPicker a color picker/palette for unity UGUI

Unity 2019.3.0f6Unknown LicenseUpdated 18 days agoCreated on June 21st, 2020
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AnotherColorPicker (ACP) is a simple color palette using unity UGUI. Unlike other color pickers and palettes, ACP focuses on user experience and provides a simple way for picking colors for normal users who don’t know much about coloring systems and color theory.

Why Another Color Picker?

There were two reasons for me to create another color picker:

  • UX: other color pickers/palettes available online are a bit complex, they are emulating the color picker used in photo editing/painting softwares which is not user friendly for kids and casual users
  • Customization: in this color picker colors are generated using shader which makes it easy to customize number of colors without having to create a special graphics for color wheel

How it Works

ACP shows multiple color wheels connected together, you can think about it as a spiral worm, you can customize the number of wheels and the number of colors (segments).

Customizing number of wheels and colors


There are two main controls:

  • Rotate the wheel to change the selected color (change color’s hue)
  • Drag inward and outward to change brightness (control color’s value and saturation)

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Properties & Customization:

  • Picker: Rect transform represent the picker position
  • Picked Color Image: an image that show the current selected color
  • Color Wheel Material: a material that is used for the color wheel, this material should use “CustomUI/ColorWheel” shader
  • Total Number of Colors: represents the total number of colors showed by the palette in all wheels.
  • Wheels Count: represents the number of wheels in the palette
  • Starting Angle a starting angle of the wheel (in degrees from 0 to 360), it’s important to change this value if you have multiple wheels and position the palette in a position in which the right half of it is visible (e.g. left middle of the screen), so by changing this value you can hide the spawning point of colors.
  • Control SV: a boolean value that represent whether you want the palette to control the saturation and value of the color by dragging or you will externally changing them.
  • Whole Segment: whether you want the circle to rotate smoothly or to rotate segment by segment

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