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Framer-esque layout tools for Unity 2020.1

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A set of Framer-esque UI elements and tools for Unity 2020.1+.


Frames are containers

Stack Inspector Preview
Frame Features

  • Round and smooth corners
  • Instant mesh update on all changes
  • Uniform corner radius
  • Split corner radii
  • Level of detail (as vertices per corner)


Stacks are easier-to-understand versions of Unity’s linear Layout Group components

Stack Inspector Preview
Stack Features Included

  • Horizontal and vertical stacks
  • Start, Center, End, Space Between, Space Around, and Even Spacing
  • Left (Top), Center, and Right (Bottom) alignment
  • Reorderable contents list
  • Padding


Page between frames with easy-to-create transitions

Page Inspector Preview
Page Features Included

  • Horizontal and vertical pages
  • Left (Top), Center, and Right (Bottom) alignment
  • Linear and Pile page animations
  • Transition length
  • Spacing between pages
  • Reorderable contents list


Drop into a project’s Plugins folder


Triangulator.cs - runevision
Unity-Easings - me

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