AI Mouse Collects Cheese Unity ML Agents by Sebastian-Schuchmann - 3


Simple Machine Learning project for everybody trying to learn the ML-Agents framework

Unity 2018.4.14f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 153 days agoCreated on February 2nd, 2020
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Mouse with Cheese

A.I. Mouse collects Cheese

Built with Unity ML-Agents


This is a simple introduction project made for those wanting to learn the ML-Agents framework. If you are looking for a quick way to get started with Machine Learning, this project was made for you!

The Game: A mouse trained with Machine Learning tries to collect cheese that is spawned randomly on a plattform.

Built with

  • Unity 2018.4.14f1 (LTS)

  • ML-Agents 0.13.1


Thanks to Google Poly for the 3D models. Thanks to Unity3D for a great engine and great framework.

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