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Explore zero gravity liquid physics in Virtual Reality. Designed as a first time VR experience for people of all ages. 🔫

Unity 5.4.2f2Unknown LicenseUpdated 23 hours agoCreated on November 10th, 2016
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Bubble Labs VR

Are you a kid or a kid at heart? Playfully experiment with bubbles in a zero-gravity dream-like environment with Bubble Labs! Create, mold, and experiment with liquid physics as if you were in outer space with simple controls - perfect for people of all ages to jump into VR.

Key Features Include:

  • A Full Color Wheel For Full Artistic Freedom
  • Simple Tooltips and Intuitive Controls
  • Cheap Price and Free Updates For Life
  • Headbutt Bubbles!!

Please see my medium pages for this project. I go into detail on my UI/UX practices and the origins of this project.


  • Omni for letting me use his song BonBon in my trailer.
  • Tavius for the 3D water gun model

Important: For use with Nvidia graphics cards only! This application uses the latest particle physics library, Flex by Nvidia.

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