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A Unity Package for creating easy to use and highly customizable inventories and inventory`s UI

Unity 2019.3.0f3Apache License 2.0Updated 218 days agoCreated on May 5th, 2020
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Universal Inventory System · GitHub license Unity 2019.3 or later Version


This project is still maintained, but there will be some time until next update. In the next version you shoud be able to properly save the inventories with no trouble at all. Also it should fix some bugs related to the unity editor version

All updates are being done on the v4 branch, feel free to test it out. As I am writing this it is all working, just missing some extra features that will be implemented in the near future

What is it?

The Universal Inventory System is a unity package for making advanced and higly customizable inventories in a easy way.

It’s based on the idea of items as Scriptable Objects and an inventory controller to manipulate the inventories.

It also is open source and free to use, since it is under the Apache-2.0 Licese wich grants you the permissions of:

  • Commercial Use
  • Modification, as long as the changes are documented
  • Distribution
  • Patent use, wich means you are provided an express grant of patent rights from contributors (Read item 3 of the license for more details)
  • Private use

This license requires you to have a copy of the license in your software and to state the changes that you made, if you made any. I strongly suggest you to fork the repository, maintaining it public, and state the changes in the README file.

Getting Started

You can see in more detail what is here by accesing our documentation

To get started open in the InventorySystem/Example the ExampleScene. There you will find a four UI pf inventories, you can interact with them using the keys A, D, B, V to add items, I, E, O and C to toggle the inventories.

Now play with the values in the inspector and see how it goes.


To code with this system, you will need to import it in your code with this line:

using UniversalInventorySystem;

Now you have access to all the functions from the UIS. To get started you can create an Inventory variable and initialize it. Make it public so you can see it in the inspector and understand what the InitializeInventory method does

using UniversalInventorySystem;
using UnityEngine;

public class MyInventory : MonoBehaviour {
    public Inventory myInv;

    public void Start() {
        myInv.slotAmounts = 10;

If you use an InventoryUI you will not need to initialize it or set the amout of slots, the UI does all that for you. Now if you want to add an item, just use this code:

public Item item;

public void Update() {
    if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.W)) myInv.AddItem(item, 1);

You can create your own item by creating a new Item Asset in your project, or you can use one of the example ones.

Congrats! You have just made your first UIS Inventory.

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