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A Unity 3D game where your goal is to survive as long as you can!

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 34 days agoCreated on June 3rd, 2020
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The Living Dead

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This is my 3rd game made by Unity. I wanted to remake my 1st game that was based on zombies, but had all sorts of errors, shortcomings and etc.
Your goal in this game is to survive as long as you can via eliminating zombies and buying various items from the in-game shop.

For this, you have two weapons:

  • a pistol
  • an assault rifle with flashlight equiped

You can download a .zip file from here: url.


  • Great graphics: this project was done via HDRP(High Definition Render Pipeline).
  • Exploration: this is not a small map by any means, so you could take some time to explore it and feel it!
  • Sound: this game has both UI, environment, enemy and player sounds and more!
  • Particle effects: this game features some particle systems, like vent smoke, weapon fire or fog.
  • Animations: both the player and zombies have animations, e.g attacking, running, reloading a weapon.
  • Multiple Scenes: game features few scenes, from the main scene, to main menu, pause menu or a game over menu
  • Round System: The Living Dead core mechanic is rounds: every round you get a random amount of zombies and you must kill them to proceed to a next round.
  • Shop System: You can buy various items, from ammo to utilities that will help you to survive!
  • Stuck Zombie Prevention system at spawn: this prevents a zombie from being stuck right at his spawn point, so a player would not wander around looking for it or restart the game.

Planned Features

This is a list of features that I planned to implement, but due to various factors, such as time, I could not.

  • Inventory and Loot system
  • Player throwables(grenades, mines and etc)
  • Interactable environment
  • Killstreak/scorestreak system
  • Different types of zombies

Third Party Assets

In this game I used third party assets, starting from 3d objects, audio to animations and particle effects

Asset Type Asset Name Asset Url
Skybox AllSkyFree url
3D objects Yughues Free Concrete Barriers url
3D objects/animations/particle effects Yughues Free Concrete Barriers url
Particle effects War FX url
Particle effects Cartoon FX Easy Editor -
UI Modern UI Pack url
3D Environment Modular City Alley Pack url
3D objects/particle effects Modern Guns: Handgun url
3D objects/animations Zombie url
Pathfinding A* Pathfinding url
State Machine Unity 3D Finite State Machine url
Asset Pack Standard assets for Unity 2017 url
Font KG Blank Space url
UI icons Various icons for the game UI icon sources.txt
Audio Various audio files Audio sources.txt

Round System

Before every round, the round system generates a random number between increasing min and max ranges.
That number is going to be total zombies that will spawn for that particular round.

E.g for round number 1, you can expect between 5 and 10 zombies.
for round number 10, you can expect between 23 and 55 zombies.

Economy Overview

This game has currency to buy items at the shop.
You gain 200 credits for every zombie killed. Later you can increase it via purchasing an utility item.

Available items at the shop:

Item Name Item Cost Item Description
1 Ammo Clip (Assault Rifle) 500 Single juicy ammo clip for your assault rifle needs!
3 Ammo Clips (Assault Rifle) 1400 Three is better than one.Use your assault rifle and kill' them!
5 Ammo Clips (Assault Rifle) 2700 Ultimate ammo box for your assault rifle.
1 Ammo Clip (Pistol) 200 The old and lonely single ammo clip for your pistol.
3 Ammo Clips (Pistol) 800 The best bang for the buck!Buy it now white it lasts!
5 Ammo Clips (Pistol) 1400 You will kill all the zombies with this bag of 5 ammo clips for your pistol.
Shop Radar 0 Displays a distance to the nearest shop.Yay, you already have it!
Zombie Counter 10000 Allows you to see how many zombies are there in this current round.
Scrooge McDuck 14200 Increases the money given per every zombie killed.
Health Regeneration 18900 Makes a player nearly invincible(sort of).Regenerates health every X seconds.

Zombie kills needed to buy a specific item


YouTube demo:

The Living Dead (Demo)

Looking into a door (3/6/2020)

Spotted a zombie (3/6/2020)

Shooting a zombie (3/6/2020)

Shop Menu (3/6/2020)

Pistol (3/6/2020)


CHANGELOG 3/6/2020

  • Added the whole project to GitHub.
  • Recorded a demo video and uploaded it to YouTube.
  • Added proper ReadMe.
  • Added images/media.
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