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Generate editor documentation for Unity Projects from Field Attributes.

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NOTE The code in this project has been moved into the EditorPowerScripts repository. This repository is now archived.

Editor Documentation generator for Unity

Generate in-editor documentation for MonoBehaviours and ScriptableObjects. This documentation is displayed in the Editor as well as enabling markdown documentation to be generated.

Adds a [DocGen] attribute that allows more documentation text to be added to a MonoBehaviour, ScriptableObject or a field. This text will be displayed in the inspector as well as in the generated documentation.

Markdown Output

The system outputs a markdown file documenting all MonoBehaviours, ScriptableOjects and any fields that are serialized by the Editor. This documentation will contain useful information captured in [Tooltip] and other field attributes. Additional detail can be provided using a new [DocGen] attribute.

For example:

# WizardsCode.Tools.DocGen.ExampleMonoBehaviour

DocGen adds a DocGen attribute that allows more documentation text to be added to a MonoBehaviour or ScriptableObject. This text will be displayed in the inspector as well as in the generated documentation.

## Public String (String)

This is a public string field with a tooltip (you are reading it now).

### Details

Using the DocGen attribute you can add additional documentation to a field that doesn't fit into a ToolTip. This content will only be visible if the field is expanded. The content will also appear in the generated documentation. 

Default Value     : "This is the default value of this string."

## Float Field (Single)

Field with a range.

Default Value     : 0.5
Range             : 0 and 1.5

## Public But Undocumented String (String)

No tooltip provided.

Default Value     : "This public string does not have a tooltip."

## Private Serialized String (String)

This is a private field, but it has the SerializeField attribute. This text comes from the tooltip for the field.

Default Value     : "This is the default value."


  1. Import the DocGen code into your project

In-Editor Documentation

Add [DocGen("Your documentation text here")] to your MonoBehaviour and ScriptableObjects and Serilized Fields within them as desired. For example:

[DocGen("This is a simple example of documenting a MonoBehaviour.")]
public class DocGenExample : MonoBehaviour {
    [DocGen("This is a simple example of documenting a public field.")]
    public string aField;

The DocGen attribute values for fields will now be displayed in the inspector (expand the field to see them).

Assuming you are not using a CustomEditor for your MonoBehaviour, the class attribute will be shown at the top of the inspector. If you are using a CustomEditor then you need to add a call to the DrawDocGenAttributes() extension method at the beginning of OnInspectorGUI() method, for example:

public override void OnInspectorGUI()

    // Your customer inspector code goes here

Generate Markdown Documentation

  1. Window -> Wizards Code -> Documentation Generator
  2. Drag an object from your project that contains one of your MonoBehaviours into ‘Object Containing MonoBehavior’ field
  3. [OPTIONAL] Add a REGEX to filter the files to be processed
  4. Click Generate

Your documentation will generated in the directory set in the editor window (defaults to Assets/Documentation/Generated)

Note that the Debug Log will contain warnings for all fields that do not have a tooltip.

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