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A group of scripts and abstract classes that helps setup a globally-accessible data.

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openupm Documentation Mirroring ko-fi

A set of libraries Omiya Games uses to add larger-scoped features and activities, e.g. GameObjects that persists between scene transitions.


There are two common methods for installing this package.

Through Unity Package Manager

Unity’s own Package Manager supports importing packages through a URL to a Git repo:

  1. First, on this repository page, click the “Clone or download” button, and copy over this repository’s HTTPS URL.
  2. Then click on the + button on the upper-left-hand corner of the Package Manager, select “Add package from git URL…” on the context menu, then paste this repo’s URL!

While easy and straightforward, this method has a few major downside: it does not support dependency resolution and package upgrading when a new version is released. To add support for that, the following method is recommended:

Through OpenUPM

Installing via OpenUPM’s command line tool is recommended because it supports dependency resolution, upgrading, and downgrading this package. If you haven’t already installed OpenUPM, you can do so through Node.js’s npm (obviously have Node.js installed in your system first):

npm install -g openupm-cli

Then, to install this package, just run the following command at the root of your Unity project:

openupm add



Overall package is licensed under MIT, unless otherwise noted in the 3rd party licenses file and/or source code.

Copyright © 2019-2020 Omiya Games

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