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2D Mobile Game made with Unity Engine

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 267 days agoCreated on May 14th, 2020
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Migrated from CDM’s Gitlab Server. Imported w/o commits due to basic data plan git lfs limits https://gitlab.thecdm.ca/irene_mayor/cloud-janitor

Clouds Awakening Trouble: Rickety Risks and Magic Tricks

A collaborative project with fellow Centre for Digital Media C14 Cohort Members: Jeanette (UX/UI Designer), Maple (Project Manger), Andre (2D/3D Artist), Alessandra(UX/UI Designer), and myself Irene (Programmer/Game Designer).

A mobile 2D game with stacking and balancing mechanics. As per the challenge design, it also incoporates a proof of concept reward/buff system. Aside from implementing iterative game design development, it makes usage of ScriptableDataObjects for scalable code.

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Gameplay Screenshots

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