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Unity FSM to control flow, menus, game objects and behaviours.

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 152 days agoCreated on April 29th, 2020
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Bright FSMs



  • States: Have separate states to ease single responsability
  • Transitions: Change from one state to the other
  • OnEnter/OnExit: Run logic when entering and exiting a state
  • Composite States:
    • States that can act as parents to other states
    • Share their transitions with it’s children states
    • Allows nesting of multiple levels

Pushdown FSM


  • All previous features plus the one bellow
  • History: Push states on top of another allowing you to go back to previous state

LayeredFSM (tbd)


  • Layers: Each layer consists of an independent FSM
  • Parallelism: FSMs will run in parallel
  • Broadcasting: FSMs can fire events that are broadcasted inside the LayeredFSM.


Unity 2018.3 and up


Unity 2019.3

  1. Open the package manager and point to the repo URL


Before Unity 2019.3

Option A

  1. Open the manifest
  2. Add the repo URL either via https or ssh

Option B

  1. Clone or download the project zip
  2. Copy the repo there inside your project’s Assets folder
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