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My personal project for the course Mobile Device Application Development (SE346)

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My personal project for the course Mobile Device Application Development (SE346)


  • FoxTale is a funny 2D mobile platformer game made with Unity with simple but eye-catching graphics.
  • The main character of the game is Foxy, a brave little fox making an adventure to defeat all the evils that are dominating its home forest.


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Type of enemy Healths Behavior
Frog 1 Jumps left/ right
Eagle 1 Flies around and suddenly swoops down to attack
Tank Boss 5 Moves left/ right and fires bullet; Drops mines on being hit; Fires more bullets and drops more mines when its remaining healths is low



Type of item Meaning
Gem Serves as a game record value; Can be used to purchase items in future version
Cherry Regains Foxys healths

How to play

  • Defeat an enemy by jumping on its head.
  • Dont forget to collect gems and cherries on the way.
  • Keep a strict eye on annoying spikes, boss bullets and mines.


Type of scene Behavior Meaning
Selecting levels Swipe (Left, Right, Down, Up) Make Foxy move around
Selecting levels Double tap Select a level
Play scene Press ^ Make Foxy jump (Press twice for double jump)
Play scene Press <, > Make Foxy move left and right

Programming Languages

  • C#



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