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Papae - AudioManager is a free unity library for audio

Unity 5.6.1p3MIT LicenseUpdated 2 years agoCreated on January 1st, 2017
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AudioManager - Papae2D.AudioEngine

AudioManager is a free unity library for audio. It provides a simple way for programmers to manage and control your 2D game’s background music and sound effects.


  • An audio manager component in inspector view
  • Persistent singleton component with one line calls from code
  • 3 background music transition effects (Swift, Linear Fade & Cross Fade)
  • Control of all sound effects in game without tags
  • Integration with AudioMixerGroups
  • Built-in sound pool for looping or repeating sound effects
  • Playlist for loading audio assets from resource folder or url


Import the Papae-AudioManager.unitypackage or just copy the AudioManager.cs script anywhere inside Assets folder and you are ready to go


  1. Drag and drop the AudioManager.prefab gameobject anywhere in the scene or hierarchy, edit any properties visible in the Inspector then call any API related function or attribute from code

  2. Or attach or add the AudioManager component to an empty game object in the scene, and call any API related function or attribute from code

  3. Or just fire or call any API related function or attribute from code

Note that you have to import the namespace Papae.UnitySDK.Managers to use the AudioManager in script

Fade out the current music and fade in the next music within 4 seconds

AudioManager.Instance.PlayBGM(sound_clip, MusicTransition.LinearFade, 4f);

Play a sound clip for the duration of 10 seconds

AudioManager.Instance.PlaySFX(sound_clip, 10f);

Loop or repeat a sound at a particular world location 5 times

AudioManager.Instance.RepeatSFX(clip, world_location, 5);

Load an audio clip from the resources folder and save to the playlist

AudioManager.Instance.LoadClip(resources_path, true);

Play a sound clip from the playlist once


Play a single instance of a sound clip forever until external stop

AudioManager.Instance.RepeatSFX(clip, -1, true);

Note: You can also use the PlaySFX to loop a sound forever. Just pass the float.PositiveInfinity as the duration parameter.

Load a wave audio file from a specified url path but don’t add to playlist

AudioManager.Instance.LoadClip(url_string, AudioType.WAV, false, callback);

Read the API Reference for more information.


Current Version

Version 1.3.1


MIT License. Copyright 2016 Oluwaseye Ayinla.

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