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Unity project, simple raycast/check sensors, to use for quick prototyping.

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 25 days agoCreated on July 14th, 2020
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Gizmo Sensors

This code is for Unity engine.

Those sensors use Unity Physics API and they provide Gizmos which work inside Editor - so you can preview what sensors are doing.

Useful for anyone to see in ‘real-time’ how Raycasting works in Unity.


Types of sensors

  • LineCast (Physics.Linecast)
  • BoxCast (Physics.BoxCast)
  • SphereCast (Physics.SphereCast)
  • CheckBox (Physics.CheckBox)
  • CurvedCast (Physics.Linecast - multiple calls)
  • FullBoxCast (Physics.BoxCastAll)

How do I use this?

  • Single script (Sensor.cs),

In inspector

  • Add Sensor.cs to GameObject,
  • Set “Hit Mask” (LayerMask),
  • Select sensor type in “Raycast Type”,
  • Change other settings to change shape of your Sensor,

In code

  • Get reference to Sensor by calling “var s = GetComponent()” or making Sensor s public variable and setting reference to it
  • Call “s.Scan()” from code whenever you wish to scan,
  • use “s.Hit” boolean to check if Sensor has hit anything,
  • FullBoxCast specific - “s.hits” hold all RaycastHits after you call “s.Scan()”

Why is it useful for?

  • We use LineCast on NPCs for collision avoidance,
  • FullBoxCast is used as a damage area where NPCs can give damage,
  • LineCast is used for Foundations (Building) to scan for ground,
  • LineCast is used for Props placement to scan the surface,
  • CheckBox is used for all buildable things - to check if there is enough space / volume,
  • CurvedCast was used for scanning ground by wall-walking NPCs. They were removed out of game now.

How does it work?

  • OnDrawGizmos() calls Scan() every Editor frame,
  • some transformation calculations are done,
  • Gizmos API is used to draw Gizmos,
  • OnDrawGizmos() is not called when you build your game.
  • Otherwise, inside game there are never calls to Scan() function. Sensor is static - has no Update() function.

Possible drawbacks

  • Sensors are not sensitive to scale of Transform. So if you plan to scale your prefabs, sensors will not,
  • Sensors ignore colliders marked as “Triggers”,
  • Many Sensors will make your Scene view (inside Editor) lag. Rename “OnDrawGizmos()” to “OnDrawGizmosSelected()” - it will draw gizmos only on currently selected prefab.

In action



MIT licence. Full details in licence.txt file.

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