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Section Introduction: Audio

  • This section covers audio and effects.
  • How the audio system works as a whole.
  • Adding spacial effects to the scene.
  • Mixing your scenes together.

Audio Source » Audio Properties 1/2

  • Explain audio options.
  • Activate audio source looping.
  • Modify the volume of an audio source.
  • Locate Audio Clips.
  • Importing our prebuilt scene.
  • Adding ambient background.

Audio Source » Audio Properties 2/2

  • Explain audio options.
  • Explain the doppler effect.
  • Adding 3D audio to our cars.
  • Enabling/disabling the doppler effect.
  • Importing the FPS character prefab.

Audio Reverb Zone » Presets

  • Differentiate audio properties on Reverb Zones.
  • Adding Reverb Zones to a scene.
  • Evaluating different presets for Reverb.
  • Creating complex spaces for reverb.

Audio Source: Curve Editing

  • Explain audio options.
  • 3D audio in detail.
  • Vary properties by distance from listener.
  • Using the audio curve editor.
  • Understanding Spread in speaker space.

Audio Mixer: Introduction

  • The role of the Audio Mixer.
  • Mixer Groups, Snapshots and Views.
  • How the Mixer relates to other components.
  • Connecting Audio Sources to Mixer Groups.

Audio Mixer » Audio Effects

  • Describe various Audio Effects.
  • Significance of order in Effects.
  • Send and Receive between groups.
  • Frequency modifying Effects.
  • Delay type Effects.
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