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Unity side of our Computer Audio Project

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Scuba Diving Computer Audio Project

Team members:

  • James Nugent
  • Iris Scholten
  • Alexandra Thompson
  • Pablojose Conde

Unity program I made for us to use in order to play the sounds for our phase 2 VR user testing. The purpose of this is not to be played by the actual user. This is to be used to play the sounds


  • Moving: Arrow Keys
  • P: Plays proximity noise
  • O: Plays Low oxygen noise
  • R: Plays relaxation noise
  • D: Plays depth watch noice
  • Spacebar: Plays attention grabbing noise
  • B: Plays boat Sound (has delay at the beginning)
  • V: Plays Buddy Sound (has delay at the beginning)

The heartbeat sound/ sound to know the device is on plays on it’s own

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