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A game made in Unity for CPS643: Virtual Reality

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 74 days agoCreated on July 16th, 2020
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Dungeons VR

Dungeons VR is a game made in Unity for CPS643: Virtual Reality Despite the name, the game is not in VR (it was originally meant to be a VR project. However, due to school computer labs closing because of covid19 and VR equipment no longer being available, the project had to be switched to a non-VR first person experience.)

The goal of the game is to navigate through the dungeon to reach the exit room. The main mechanic is using your grappling hook to move objects, interact with items and traverse the world.

You can watch this video demonstration.


You shoot your grappling hook at walls and floors. Once hooked, you can retract yourself towards the location. This is how you move yourself around the world.



You can grapple items and move them from afar (including pressing buttons by grappling onto them and moving levers). You can also grab the item with your hand if it’s within reach.

interaction1 interaction2

Items can be retracted back to your hand where they can be thrown away.



Left Mouse Button:

  • (if empty hand) shoot grappling hook
  • (if hooked onto something) retract grappling hook
  • (if item is in grab distance) grab item & put into hand
  • (if item in hand) throw item

Middle Mouse Button:

  • (if item in hand) drop item
  • (if hooked onto item) retract item with grappling hook & put into hand

Right Mouse Button:

  • (if hooked onto wall or floor) move towards hooked location
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