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EasyLOU is the premiere macroing tool for Legends of Aria / Legends of Ultima. It is a totally free and open source tool inspired by EasyUO, the popular premiere macroing tool for Ultima Online.

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Easy LOU

Instructions: Wiki

Discord server: https://discord.gg/RWAqYcV

Public Scripts Library: https://easylou.boards.net/

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So what is EasyLOU?

EasyLOU is a totally free tool inspired by EasyUO, the popular premiere macroing tool for Ultima Online.

Why EasyLOU and not EasyLOA?

For two reasons:

What can I do with EasyLOU?

With EasyLOU you can write Lua 5.2 scripts that will make your Legends of Ultima character perform pretty much anything you want them to.

Is EasyLOU compatible with the official Legends of Aria servers?

The community server Legends of Ultima is the reason why this tool exists: we enjoy this community server and have decided to write this tool and name EasyLOU after it.
As of today, EasyLOU has only been tested with the Legends of Ultima Community Server.
EasyLOU may or may not work with official Legends of Aria servers run by Citadel Studios.

Why is EasyLOU not working with the new version of Legends of Aria?

Some Legends of Aria client updates may break the compatibility with EasyLOU.
When you download the latest EasyLOU release archive, double check the release notes: there is usually an indication of which version of Legends of Aria client the release is compatible with.
Upon the release of a new Legends of Aria Client, it may take some time before we update EasyLOU to be compatible with the latest Legends of Aria client.
Volunteers are always welcome πŸ˜ƒ

How does it work?

EasyLOU.exe injects LOU.dll into the Legends of Aria client process, using a well known technique for injecting assemblies into Mono embedded applications, commonly Unity Engine based games.
EasyLOU.exe acts as the GUI while LOU.dll acts as the commands engine, and they communicate via two shared memory maps:

  • A ClientCommand memory map, where EasyLOU.exe queues all the commands that have to be processed and executed by the LoA Client
  • A ClientStatus memory map, where LOU.dll updates the status of the LoA Client and the answers to various commands by populating a bunch of variables
    Credits for various components and implementations can be found at the bottom of this page.

Can I run multiple scripts in parallel?

Yes, but it has not been extensively tested yet.

Can I multibox?

You need to open one instance of EasyLOU, lunch a client, and connect EasyLOU to it.
Then you can open another instance of EasyLOU, lunch another client, and connect EasyLOU to it.
Rinse, and repeat.

How can I build EasyLOU?

EasyLOU has been compiled for x64 architevture with Visual Studio Community 2017 and .NETFramework Version v4.7.2.
In order to build it, you need to own a copy of the Legends of Aria client, and you need to copy into the LOU\libs\ folder the following libraries which you can take from the C:\Program Files\Legends of Aria Launcher\Legends of Aria\Legends of Aria_Data\Managed folder (or whatever path you have installed your client into):


How can I contribute?

Please Star this repository, Fork it, and engage.
If you are a developer, GitHub Issues and GitHub PRs are always welcome.
If you have scripts you want to share with the community, please feel free to reach out, or just create a GitHub Issue and attach the script to it.

We are hoping to create a new community around this tool, so any form of contribution is more than welcome!


By using EasyLOU you may be breaching the Terms and Conditions of Citadel Studios, Legends of Aria, Legends of Ultima, or whatever community server you are playing on or service you are using.



ONLY download EasyLOU from its official repository: NEVER accept a copy of EasyLOU from other people.
ONLY run scripts that you can understand: NEVER accept scripts from people you do not know and trust.

Keep in mind, there is always a possibility that a malicious version of EasyLOU or a malicious script will steal your LOU/LOA or Steam credentials or cause other damage. You assume the risk and full responsibility for all of your actions.

Also: don’t be evil.



Ultima Online is copyright of Electronic Arts Inc.
Legends of Aria is copyright of Citadel Studios.
Legends of Ultima is copyright of Legends of Ultima.
Lady Binary is a tribute to Lord Binary, who was very active in the UO hacking scene (see for example UO_RICE).
EasyLOU is of course inspired by the great EasyUO.
The LOU part of EasyLOU is a tribute to Legends Of Ultima, whose passionate staff have dedicated so much effort in putting together a wonderful product based off of Legends of Aria.
The Lua engine is based on MoonSharp, commit 4e748a7 plus minor enhancements.
The Text editor is based on ICSharpCode.TextEditorEx, commit 1934da7 plus minor enhancements.
The Mono Injection code is based on SharpMonoInjector, commit 73566c1.


You can contact me at ladybinary@protonmail.com, or you can also find me on the EasyLOU discord server https://discord.gg/RWAqYcV


This project is licensed under a 3-clause BSD license, which can be found in the LICENSE file.

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