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A custom transform toolkit made by Joel.
When selecting any object, the selection order DOES matter. There is a handy little button called “Select All Children In Hierarchy” which will select the child objects in the parent selected in the order that it sits in the inspector hierarchy.

Although most of the examples here only show the transformation of GameObjects being manipulated, it is worth nothing that this toolkit also allows for Rotation manipulation. All rotation for every attribute within the tool kit will use local rotation and position of the object and not the global rotation or position.


With the toolkit “Active” you are able to move each item within the selection individually. If you have a selection and Disable the toolkit then you are able to move the entire group together.


There are 4 different spread options to choose from. All spreads work with both even and odd selections.

Left Corner

CornerL will allow you to pull the left corner, with the right corner pinned.

Right Corner

CornerR will allow you to pull the right corner, with the left corner pinned.


Middle will allow you to pull the middle, with the outer corners pinned.


Edge will allow you to pull the outer corners, with the middle pinned.


The distribute functions will distribute between the first and last items in the list. A purple line will be shown from the first to last object to help you see in which direction the items will be distrubted.

Across Line

Axis Control

You are able to distribute your selection evenly along any axis (position and rotation): X, Y, Z, or all three.

Across Area


You have 5 buttons which allow you to scroll through a selection. This is handy when paired to the move tool. Each item within a selection has a number by it to show you where abouts it is in the list of items that you have selected.

Circular Spread

This will spread the selected objects evenly around the projected disc. When you use this mode, the last object in the selection will generate a disc near it. You can use the disc size slider within the GUI to change the radius of the disc. You will see yellow dots which will show you where the objects in your selection will appear. All objects will be rotated to look towards the centre of the disc.

To Add

  • Distribute across 2 point area
  • Save custom user defined selections
  • Quick Selection tools (grouping, offset - I.e. select 2 gameobjects in selection every 5 objects)
  • Add curves
  • Get Spread on circle working properly
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