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Prototype demonstration for integrating MTConnect and IndoorGML for machine shops.

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NIST Smart Manufacturing Systems (SMS) Test Bed Unity Demonstration: Integrating MTConnect and IndoorGML


The goal of this project is to link performance data and geospatial information of manfuacutring assets through standard representations. Our ASME CIE 2020 paper details the integration of MTConnect and IndoorGML. Through this demonstration, we showcase two use cases derived from the underlying mapping between the standards. The first use case shows the quick three-dimensional (3D) rendering and presentation of a shop floor for situational awareness. The second use case presented demonstrates a tablet-based guidance for navigation from one job to another on the shop floor. Both use cases were generated by leveraging existing tools and methods already produced in accordance with the standards. In our minds, this demonstrates the power of standards in that leveraging tools that interface with standard data representation is much easier than building each component from scratch.

Use Case 1 Use Case 2

Prototype details

This repository showcases a prototype. We designed the prototype to interface directly with data streaming from the SMS Test Bed. To apply these concepts to other manfuacturing installations, considerable rework is required. Furthermore, we do not provide precise 3D models for the individual machines from the SMS Test Bed. Instead, we use open and free 3D models of similar machines from GrabCAD. Similarly, we do not include the precise manuals for each machine represnted. Instead, we use publicly available machine tool manuals for demonstration purposes only.

Installation and use

  • Clone the repository
  • Open the IndoorMTC Mk2.2 folder in Unity version 2019.3.06f or later
  • Open one of the two scenes in the Assets/Scenes folder
  • Open the Workshop1.6.gml file in the Workshop1.6 folder

Contact information

William Bernstein | | NIST Page
Teodor Vernica | | NIST Page

Acknowledgement of reused models, manuals, and code


NIST Disclaimer

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