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GPV's Unity Development Kit

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 16 days agoCreated on July 16th, 2018
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GPV’s Unity Development Kit

Requires Unity 2018.1 or higher.

This project collects some utility scripts and assets I developed to be reused in Unity projects. Here are listed some functionalities grouped by topic.

  • Data: object information, XML serialization
  • Motion: behaviors for frame by frame transformation update (procedural movements, billboard, camera control, drag&drop, object following)
  • Scene: Scene loading with UI management.
  • UI: user interface utility (measure tool, multi-widget switch, slider text updater)
  • Util: generic utility (application configuration, mathematics)
  • Visualization: visualization utility scripts (line rendering, object switching, material replacement)

Also a collection of icons for the UI and some examples scenes are provided.

You can find some other experimental features in the WIP branch, but examples and complete documentation are still missing and it is not tested with the recent versions of Unity.


Contributions from you are welcome!

If you find bugs or you have any new idea for improvements and new features you can create an issue on GitHub (please follow the suggested template, filling the proper sections). To open issues or make pull requests please follow the instructions in

Contributions to the WIP branch would be interesting, but please notice that that is still a work-in-progress!


Released under the MIT License.

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