Braccio Ik Unity

Arduino Tinkerkit Braccio IK For Unity

Braccio robotic arm simulator with IK (inverse kinematics) and controller via Serial in Unity.


Arduino Tinkerkit Braccio


Unity Screenshot

Unity project developed with Unity 5.3.4.

  • Turn on Serial settings in Unity: Menu Edit > Project Settings > Player > Settings for PC … Standalone Tab Other Settings > Api Compatibility Level > Choose .NET 2.0
  • Open scene Assets/Scenes/BraccioIK.unity
  • GameObject IKControl:
    • Transform: Move the Position to change robotic arm wrist IK target position.
    • Solve IK:
      • Toggle Use IK on to control the robotic arm with IK. (Theta Base, Theta Shoulder, Theta Elbow)
      • Toggle Auto End on to automatically turn the end pose horizontally. (Theta Wrist Vertical)
    • Arduino Serial: Send motor angles every 5 seconds (Delay Seconds) to Serial. Change Port Name before use. Default off.
    • Gizmo: Visualize target position.


Arduino counterpart code which receives commands from Unity. Need to have Braccio library installed.


BraccioIK.unity / SolveIK.cs: Shan-Yuan Teng [email protected]
BraccioSerialArduino.ino: Yung-Ta Lin