Unity Destruction


An open-source script to destroy objects realistically in Unity3D.



  • Make stuff break up on impact with other stuff!
  • Make stuff break up when there’s nothing underneath supporting it!
  • Make stuff break up for no reason whatsoever!
  • Make stuff explode!
  • Make stuff make sounds when it breaks up!
  • Make stuff make particles when it breaks up!
  • Things can also be configured to only partially break apart, depending on impact velocity.
  • Includes an example game where you can throw a ball at a cube. It’s more fun than it sounds.

How to use

  • Make an unbroken and a broken version of your object. I recommend using Blender’s cell fracture feature.
  • Add ‘Destruction/Assets/Scripts/Destruction.cs’ to the unbroken one.
  • Mess with the settings until you get the breaking apart effect how you want it.
  • For examples, see ‘Destruction/main.unity’.
  • Use Destruction.Break() to break things via a script, or Destruction.BreakWithExplosiveForce(float, float) to break things with explosive force via a script.