Unity3D Destruction Derby


This is a game where you play as Gerry who has entered into the famous Destruction Derby to once and for all prove to your friends you are the world’s best driver. The object of the game is to destroy the other competitors in the derby before they destroy you. Watch your vehicle’s health and your opponents and race through the unique environments to find and destroy your enemies!


This is a behind the player view game. The appearance is to allow the player to see their vehicle and surroundings while allowing them to become engulfed in the environment. However, the enemy competitors will be eagerly searching for you, so it adds to the thrill of winning.

Game Story

You are Gerry. Your friends have continuously made fun of you for your driving. You’re about to show them that you are in fact the best driver in the world. You’re going to win the Destruction Derby! Just wait though, there may be a few surprises in store for you.


The game play is simple and unique. You move your vehicle with WASD or the arrow keys with space being your brake to navigate through the levels in search of the competitors. You’ll want to strategize your plan of assault to ensure the maximum damage to the competition while taking the minimum amount of damage yourself. Each hit can either be very damaging to the opponent or very costly to your own car’s health. You’ll also be able to use physics and gain momentum and pick up speed to catch your opponent or avoid being hit.

Target Audience

Our target audience is everyone. We want to make our game addictive enough to where everyone will want to play it and keep playing it, while making it simple enough for anyone to pick it up and play with ease.

Game Mechanics

We plan on making our controls for the game simple, using WASD and the arrows keys to control your movement with a brake being attached to the space bar. We also have a health-bar visible for the user to see how much health they have and enemy health bars to see how well you’re doing in the level. We also implemented a way to restore your health bar if you decide or can make the match long enough to find it necessary. Then there is the opponent artificial intelligence where they have three states: passive, aggressive, and vulnerable. The mechanics are to use the controls to navigate through the city and destroying your competitors by gaining speed and crashing into them. The mechanics keep track of your speed to ensure the person doing the damage is the person moving faster. You are also able to destroy objects that would be realistically destroyed in real life after a collision with a vehicle.

Level Summary

We currently have two levels for the player to play through as of right now. The first is a metropolitan city environment and the second being a more residential and industrial town. The levels are different in terms of starting positions, map layouts, weather conditions, and driving capabilities. The first is a clear weather metropolitan city area with ease of driving to allow the player to grasp a sense of the game. The second is a darker foggy residential and industrial level with different starting points and different map layout with driving ability a little slicker, making it much more difficult to maneuver. Our final level is just a congratulations level showing off you have won and proved you are the best driver in the world! Both level one and two are also surrounded by water which is an instant death to either the player or opponent who enters it.

User interface

Our user interface is a title screen, and of course the actual game. The interface in the game play will be a set of health bars, a minimap, and narration from the Gerry to signify events of the game and story. The UI will also contain a quit game, restart game, and next level buttons each performing their corresponding responsibilities. The health bars will go up or down depending on if you’ve been hit or have picked up the health boost. The minimap will show the other competitors in the game and the surroundings of the player. The minimap will follow the player so it stays focused on the player giving them a central view of the level.


Crashing into cars and health bars on the top left:


Regular driving shot:


EndGame (if you win):


Artifical Intelligence

Opponent AI Enemy cars: sports cars, trucks, buses Enemies react by driving around the cities’ roads, dodging the other opponents. Enemies have passive, aggressive, and vulnerable attributes. When the Enemy is passive, they roam the streets attacking players when near. When aggressive, they attack the first player that hit them, or they go after the lowest health opponent. When vulnerable, they search for the nearest health drop or flee from the nearby opponents.

Non-player Characters Random Traffic: Random cars that are not opponents and are there for immersion.

Opponents in cars: Drive against enemy cars.

Reactive Items Health Drops: Health orbs spawn around the map giving the player/opponents a health boost.

Destructible Objects: Objects scattered around the map that either the player or opponents can crash into and destroy for good.