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A fast, self-contained, highly customizable Aseprite-to-Unity importer.

Unity 2019.4.19f1MIT LicenseUpdated 268 days agoCreated on August 19th, 2017
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MetaSprite is an Unity plugin that lets you import Aseprite’s .ase file into Unity, as Mecanim animation clips/controllers. It also has rich metadata support built in, allowing one to manipulate colliders, change transforms, send messages (and much more!) easily in Aseprite.

MetaSprite is now ready for production (already used heavily by myself in a WIP action platformer). New features will gradually be added.

Feature overview

  • Doesn’t require external aseprite executable to run
  • Blazing fast
  • Efficient atlas packing
  • Simple workflow achieved using the new scriptable pipeline
  • Extensive metadata support
    • Commented (ignored) Layers/Tags
    • Manipulate colliders/events/positions/sprite pivots using image data
    • Specify clip looping using frame tag properties
  • Write custom MetaLayerProcessor for extended functionality

Installation & Usage

Check out releases for unitypackage downloads. You can copy the Assets/Plugins folder of the repo into your unity project’s asset folder for same effect.

See wiki for explanation of importing, import settings, meta layers and other importer features.



If this plugin helped you in your project or you want to support the developement, consider buying me a cup of coffee (°∀°)ノ

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