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Simple scene-persistent music and sound pooling.

Unity 2017.3.0f3MIT LicenseUpdated 3 years agoCreated on February 25th, 2018
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Simple scene-persistent music and audio pooling.


As a way to have more control of the audio resources employed in Unity, a centralized approach was taken. With the AudioManager component you can play music through multiple scenes and preload ready-to-use AudioSources for sound effects.

When direct access to the AudioManager is not available, you can use the AudioManagerProxy instead, as in Unity’s built-in UI system and animation events.

How To Use

Add the Assets/AudioManager folder to your project or download the repo and open it on Unity.

Place a GameObject (preferably a prefab) with the AudioManager component in at least your starting scene to initialize the singleton reference. After that access using AudioManager.instance and any of the methods bellow:

  • PlayMusic (AudioClip clip)
  • PauseMusic ()
  • UnPauseMusic ()
  • LoadFX (AudioClip clip)
  • PlayFX (AudioClip clip)
  • PlayFXCustom (AudioClip clip, float volume, float pitch, float pan, int priority)
  • StopFX (AudioClip clip)
  • ClearFx (AudioClip clip)

For music tracks preferably put the AudioClip you want to play on the AudioManager component preferably or manually use the PlayMusic method in a script.

AduioManager component

For sound effects, first load the AudioClips using LoadFX and use PlayFX whenever you want to play them.

Alternatively, put them within the AudioManagerProxy and play them using AudioManagerProxy.PlayClip(int index).

AudioManagerProxy component

AudioManagerProxy use


Included in the Assets/Examples folder, you can check three different examples:

  1. 01_SoundEffects: A small demo with balls falling and playing a sound on OnCollisionEnter events.
  2. 02_AudioManagerProxy: Multiple buttons using the Unity UI, each one playing a different sound on click.
  3. 03_Music: Four different scenes showing the interactions with different music clips on the AudioManager.

To Do

  • Add volume management for music and sounds.
  • Option to clear sounds on scene change.
  • Add 3D sound support.
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