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A dissolve effect for uGUI, without material instancing. Please star and watch this project :)

Unity 5.5.0p4MIT LicenseUpdated 2 years agoCreated on April 23rd, 2018
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NOTE: This project has been merged to UIEffect.

A dissolve effect for uGUI, without material instancing.


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DissolveEffectForUGUI applies dissolve-effect to uGUI element (Image, RawImage, Text, etc…) WITHOUT material instancing.
This will suppress extra draw calls and improve performance.

  • Parameters
    • Dissolve factor (inspector, script, animation)
    • Edge width (inspector, script, animation)
    • Edge color (inspector, script, animation)
    • Edge softness (inspector, script, animation)
    • Noise pattern image (in material)

New feature in v0.4.0

From UIEffect v2.4.0

v2.4.0 editor

  • UIDissolve: Add color mode option.
  • UIDissolve: You can change the edge color, width, softness, color mode in inspector.


  • demo
    • Just 1 draw call!

WebGL Demo


  1. Download DissolveEffectForUGUI.unitypackage from Releases.
  2. Import the package into your Unity project. Select Import Package > Custom Package from the Assets menu.
  3. Add DissolveEffectForUGUI component to UI element (Image, RawImage, Text, etc…) from Add Component in inspector.
  4. Control effect parameters in inspector.
  5. Enjoy!
  • Unity 5.5+ (included Unity 2017.x)
  • No other SDK are required

Development Note

What’s doing?




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