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Unity 2018.1.1f1MIT LicenseUpdated 3 years agoCreated on May 31st, 2018
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Reveal Shader

This is a set of shaders for Unity3D. It maps worldspace position of a gameObject and draws to a RenderTexture in relation to world bounds and remaps it back onto the world as a mask, allowing for various shader effects.


  • Black and White to RGB texture reveal shader
  • Transparent to Opaque RGB Texture reveal shader
  • Displacement Tesselation shader
  • Auto and Manual world bounds lookup
  • Fading over time
  • Adaptive RenderTexture aspect ratio
  • Custom inpspector

The RenderTexture mask generation and re-projection happens separately from the surface shaders, so any combination of them is possible and adding new shaders is trivial without affecting the setup.


Download the UnityPackage from Releases to get a clean import.


All code licensed under MIT License. Refer to for full terms. Pull requests welcome.


Effects rely on object materials having a shader property "_Splat" to assign the RenderTexture and offset parameters. Objects without a compatible shader will be skipped. Use Runningtap/Reveal/B&W2RGB or .../A2RGB shaders on paintable objects.

Add Painter.cs to the scene.

Pick Lookup Mode.

  • Auto will iterate through all the world objects to calculate bounds. Use this for quick preview.
  • Manual will enable a box collider to set bounds manually. Use this for builds and complex scenes. BoxCollider will be turned off on start to disable physics.

Pick SplatMap Resolution

  • 32x - 2048x, more resolutions can be added in the Resolution enum.

Use Relative enables non-power of two resolution for the RenderTexture, based on world bounds to avoid overly stretched mask pixels. This will be calculated automatically, keeping the longest edge to selected resolution.

Fade Over Time allows for non-permanent mask drawing - stroke fades from oldest pixel. Fade Speed will be available if selected.

Add a parent gameObject containing all the paintable objects to World

Make sure RevealRTX is plugged into the Render Texture Shader.

Brush is a gameObject that will ‘draw’ the mask onto RenderTexture. Only XZ coordinates are considered.

Brush Size will change the size of the area drawn onto the RenderTexture.

Brush Strength determines stroke opacity.

Splat Map Preview will display current RenderTexture resolution and texture in play mode.

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