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3D and 2D Texture generation using the compute shaders within the Unity engine.

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Noise & Texture Generator for Unity

3D and 2D Texture generation using the compute shaders within the Unity engine. Image of 3D Noise


This project handles the creation and serialization of different 3D/2D textures created via custom compute shaders. This is done through a custom ComputeTexture object.


I created this asset in order to generate 3D textures for use in raymarching systems. In fact the example provided is intended for use with a volumetric cloud system as described by the wonderful people at Guerilla Games. I found 3D textures to be wonderful however the lack of support was dissapointing.


There are three main scripts to know here: ComputeTexture, ComputeTexture3D, and Noise Generator. Note that since these scripts are based on MonoBehaviour they need to be attached to a game object, in the future I would rather these behave in a similar manner to Render Textures. In order to generate the completed texture you will need to provide the texture scripts with some information:

  • Asset Name - what you want the asset to be named at save
  • Kernel Name - the name of the compute shader kernel used to generate the final texture
  • RW Texture - name of the RWTexture that will be written to by the compute shader
  • Square Resolution - length, width, and depth resolution (i.e. 128 = 128 x 128 x 128)
  • Parameters - list of float values and their corresponding compute shader name
  • Compute Threads - thread counts specified in the compute shader above each kernel (Z is only used in the case of 3D textures)
  • Compute Shader - any compute shader that writes to RWTextures
  • 3D ONLY Texture 3D Slicer - compute shader that slices 3D textures to 2D layers, should be provided with the repo


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