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A physics engine made with Unity ECS

Unity 2018.3.0b1MIT LicenseUpdated 3 years agoCreated on September 6th, 2018
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(Under Construction) A physics engine made with Unity ECS

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  • “TestScene_ECS” is the main test scene. Press play to see the physics simulation happen. Modify the parameters under the “Init” GameObject in the scene (The “TestScene_PhysX” scene is for comparing with Unity’s built-in physics)
  • There are some additional settings stored in the “\PhysicsEngine\Data\Resources\DefaultPhysicsSettings” ScriptableObject. It’s possible that not everything in there actually works
  • Everything in the scene starts with the “TestSceneInitializer” script, which spawns the physics objects
  • The physics simulation is all done through “PhysicsSystem”. This is where the fixed update is called and all other systems are manually called from it:
    • UniformGravitySystem: Modifies rigidbody velocities to simulate gravity
    • RigidBodySystem: handles moving rigidbodies based on their velocity
    • UpdateColliderPoseSystem: handles making colliders follow their parented rigidbody (this is still incomplete, might be replaced with new Transform System later)
    • ComputeColliderAABBSystem: computes an AABB for each collider
    • BroadphaseSystem: the goal of this system is to ultimately produce a list of “CollisionPairs”, which are pairs of collider entities which are potentially overlapping. It does that in three main steps:
      • ComputeAndSortMortonCodes: sort colliders in order of morton codes (also known as z-order curve)
      • BuildBVH: Creates a BVH with all collider AABBs
      • BuildCollisionPairsParallel: finds overlapping AABBs and stores them as pairs
    • ContactsGenerationSystem: This system’s jobs is to take all collision pairs from the previous step and do the actual collision test on them to generate "CollisionManifold"s
    • ConstraintSolverSystem: uses the CollisionManifolds and feeds them to a constraints solver that will compute a set of forces to apply to all rigidbodies in response to the constraints
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