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In-game inspector and debugging tools for applications made with Unity3D game engine

Unknown VersionGNU General Public License v3.0Updated 10 hours agoCreated on December 7th, 2018
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Runtime Unity Editor / Debugging Tools

In-game inspector, editor and interactive console for applications made with Unity3D game engine. It’s designed for debugging and modding Unity games, but can also be used as an universal trainer.


  • Works on most Unity games supported by BepInEx
  • GameObject and component browser
  • Object inspector that allows modifying values of objects in real time
  • REPL C# console
  • All parts are integrated together (e.g. REPL console can access inspected object, inspector can focus objects on GameObject list, etc.)

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How to use

  • This is a BepInEx plugin. It requires BepInEx v4 or later. Grab it from here and follow installation instructions.
  • Download the latest build from the Releases page.
  • To install place the .dll in the BepInEx directory inside your game directory (BepInEx/Plugins for BepInEx 5).
  • To turn on press the F12 key when in-game. A window should appear on top of the game. If it doesn’t appear, check logs for errors.

Note: If the plugin fails to load under BepInEx 4 with a type load exception, move RuntimeUnityEditor.Core.dll to BepInEx/core folder.

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