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basic input replay class for unity

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InputReplay is a basic keyboard and mouse recorder and player for unity.


  • You can manualy start and stop the record/playback in your code with StartRecord(), StartPlayBack() and Stop().
  • Will return value from UnityEngine.Input if not activated or in record mode, so you don’t need to change your code everytime, just desactivate it.
  • Use json, so you can easily create input sequence to automate tests in playMode
  • Playback is time based.
  • Cannot record and play at the same time.
  • <5 ms delay in Update cycle.

How to use

  • add the InputReplay.cs script to and empty GameObject parameter
Record mode
  • activate it, select the mode (record), Update Cycle (Update or FixedUpdate) and file
  • start the game and smash your keyboard !
Player mode
  • set the file path and player mode
  • read the input from the ‘InputReplay’ just like you would read from ‘UnityEngine.Input’ with the supported methods and properties :
public bool GetKey(KeyCode code);
public bool GetKeyDown(KeyCode code);
public bool GetKeyUp(KeyCode code);
public bool GetMouseButton(int button);
public bool GetMouseButtonDown(int button);
public bool GetMouseButtonUp(int button);
public bool GetButton(string name);
public bool GetButtonDown(string name);
public bool GetButtonUp(string name);
public float GetAxis(string name);

public bool anyKey { get; }
public bool anyKeyDown { get; }
public Vector3 mousePosition { get; }
public Vector3 mouseWorldPosition { get; }
public Vector2 mouseScrollDelta { get; }

Example :

this code will work in both record and replay mode

public class Test1 : MonoBehaviour {

	InputReplay myInput;
	// Use this for initialization
	void Start () {
		myInput = GameObject.Find ("InputReplay").GetComponent<InputReplay> ();
	// Update is called once per frame
	void Update () {
		if(myInput.GetKey (KeyCode.A))
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