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A simple input wrapper for Unity's input manager

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 2 days agoCreated on April 5th, 2019
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This is a simple wrapper built on top of the existing unity input system, created in order to add easier support for changing inputs while the game is running and multiple controller support.


  • Ability to use Control while in play mode


To install for use in Unity, copy everything from this repository to <YourNewUnityProject>/Packages/Popcron.Input folder.

If using 2018.3.x, you can add a new entry to the manifest.json file in your Packages folder:

"com.popcron.input": ""

After that, add a Controls Manager component onto an object if one doesn’t already exist.


Checking if both the start and select buttons are pressed:

bool eval = Controls.GetStart() || Controls.GetSelect();

Checking for input using a specific controller:

bool jumpPlayer1 = Controls.GetButtonDown("Jump");
bool jumpPlayer2 = Controls.GetButtonDown("Jump", 1);
bool jumpPlayer3 = Controls.GetButtonDown("Jump", 2);


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