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A simple input wrapper for Unity's input manager

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 1 year agoCreated on April 5th, 2019
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This is a simple wrapper built on top of the existing unity input system, created in order to add easier support for changing inputs while the game is running and multiple controller support, and for suppressing editor shortcuts while in play mode (except for alt-tab).


  • Ability to use the Control key while in play mode
  • Ability to use the Alt key while in play mode


To install for use in Unity, copy everything from this repository to <YourNewUnityProject>/Packages/Popcron.Input folder.

If using 2018.3.x, you can add a new entry to the manifest.json file in your Packages folder:

"com.popcron.input": ""

After that, add a Controls Manager component onto an object if one doesn’t already exist.


Checking if both the start and select buttons are pressed:

bool eval = Controls.GetStart() || Controls.GetSelect();

Checking for input using a specific controller:

bool jumpPlayer1 = Controls.GetButtonDown("Jump");
bool jumpPlayer2 = Controls.GetButtonDown("Jump", 1);
bool jumpPlayer3 = Controls.GetButtonDown("Jump", 2);

Disabling input and controls

Controls.Enabled = false;
Input.Enabled = false;


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