Unity Custom Network Manager


This is default “NetworkManager” extension.

  • Auto Connection.
    • When failed to connect or when disconnected, try again.
  • Event Logging.
    • Start
    • Connect
    • Disconnect
  • Lots of Event(Handler).
  • Include samples.
    • Connect Server & Client.
    • Send / Receive message.
    • SyncList.
  • Include utilities
    • Get local ip address.
    • Get channel value from QosType.


Name Called when Called In
StartServerEventHandler Start as Server Server side
StopServerEventHandler Stop Server Server side
ServerConnectEventHandler Client connect Server side
ServerDisconnectEventHandler Client disconnect Server side
ServerErrorEventHandler Error occurred in Server Server side
StartHostEventHandler Start as Host Server side
StopHostEventHandler Stop Host Server side
StartClientEventHandler Start as Client Client side
StopClientEventHandler Stop Client Client side
ClientConnectEventHandler Connect to Server Client side
ClientDiscconectEventHandler Disconnect from Server Client side
ClientErrorEventHandler Error occurred in Client Client side