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Simple Sound Controller implementation in Unity.

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 3 years agoCreated on March 12th, 2017
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Sound Controller for Unity3D

This is a sound controller. The main idea of this plugin is to not use raw AudioSource, but have a nice wrapper around it from which you can easily control what sounds at what time you want to play. The reason I made this plugin is that I don’t really want to pay money for Audiotoolkit from unity asset store, and I didn’t really liked it when I had the chance to use it.

alt text

Main Features:

  • Organize sounds by categories
  • Add tags to your sounds to filter them even further
  • Add multiple variants of the same sound and easily play at random.
  • Change Audioclips, edit category names, and sound names from play mode without the fear of losing those changes
  • All data is saved on a scriptable object asset
  • You can create multiple data assets and swap them easily
  • Create whole cues of sounds with ease (very useful when you have dialog Voice Over)
  • Add Random Pitch to sound items
  • Add Random Volume to sound items
  • It’s not a singleton!!!

How to add it to your project and scene:

  1. Extract the latest .unitypackage file found in releases (link here:;
  2. Create new SoundControllerData asset using the contextual menu from Project hierarchy;
  3. Find the prefab with SoundController in OSSC folder and drag it onto the scene;
  4. Add your new created asset into the corresponding object field of the SoundContoller component;
  5. Select gameobject with SoundController and start adding categories and items.

How to use it:

  • Check the example Scene for that.
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