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OpenROUTS3D (Open Realtime OSM- and Unity-based Traffic Simulator 3D) - A multi-purpose driving simulator developed for the needs of Teleoperated Driving.

Unity 2019.4.0f1OtherUpdated 198 days agoCreated on May 2nd, 2019
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General Information

OpenROUTS3D (Open Realtime OSM- and Unity-based Traffic Simulator 3D) - A multi-purpose driving simulator developed for the needs of Teleoperated Driving.

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A rough overview of OpenROUTS3D and its features can be found at IEEEXplore

  • Map and Artificial Traffic Creation
  • Input and Output management for Teloperated Driving
  • Logging System and Replay Feature
  • Simulation of Sensors
  • Multiplayer
  • User Study Mode
  • Addon-System

Installation + Execution

Clone the repository and import it into the Unity-Editor. When errors occur, please clear the console and check if the packagemanager is included (Window -> Package Mangager). If that’s not the case, close the Unity-Editor and delete the file “manifest.json” in the directory packages in your project directory. Start the Unity-Editor again.

Now you should be able to Build and Run the software.

If you want to use the features of Simulation of Urban MObility (SUMO), install Version 1.5. After the installation you may need to restart your PC.


-Vertical = Gas + Brake combined
-Horizontal = Turn left or right
-Mouse X/Y = Look around while driving
-ButtonCancel = Button for pausing the game
-ButtonReverse = Button for activating reverse
-ButtonSkipScene = Button for skipping scenario
-ButtonHandBrake = Toggle Handbrake
-ButtonRespawn = Button for respawning the car
-ButtonLight = Toggle light On or Off
-ButtonIndicatorLeft = Toggle indicator left On or Off
-ButtonIndicatorRight = Toggle indicator right On or Off

Set axis and buttons of Controllers the correct way.

You can use e.g. the XBOX controller preset which you can load at Edit/Project Settings/Input Manager/Select Preset/“Choose your fitting preset or create a new one”

Fixes to known issues

Error: TriangleMesh::loadFromDesc: desc.isValid() failed! UnityEngine.MeshCollider:set_sharedMesh(Mesh)

Fix: Use only maps that are known to work: Geisenfeld, Muehlhausen, Oberstimm or AmpelDemo. Other maps might not be created correctly and need adjustment by hand.

Error: Exception: execution of SimStep() was not possible Traci.TraciManager+SimulationControl.SimStep () (at Assets/Scripts/SUMOConnectionScripts/TraCI/SimulationControl.cs:37) SUMOConnectionScripts.SumoUnityConnection.FixedUpdate () (at Assets/Scripts/SUMOConnectionScripts/SumoUnityConnection.cs:256)

Fix: SUMO is not installed or configured properly. OpenROUTS3D should run without it, but will not display any remote vehicles or traffic lights.

General Usage

See Wiki for Tutorials on How-To use the Simulator (TBD).


This software is developed by a Team as shown in the AUTHORS file.

Development and Maintenance is coordinated by the Car2X-Team at Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt. (Project Maintainer: Stefan Neumeier)


OpenROUTS3D is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL; either version 3, or (at your option) any later version. See LICENSE file for more information.


If using the simulator, please cite as:

	author		=	{S. {Neumeier} and M. {H\oepp} and C. {Facchi}},
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Contribution is easy. If you identify Bugs or want some new cool Features, feel free to fix/implement it own your own and create a pull request. You may also open an issue so that other developers are able to fix/implement it.


See Credits.xml

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