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System Shock's assets importer for Unity. Requires Unity 5.5.0 beta.

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System Shock’s assets importer for Unity. Requires Unity 5.5.0 beta.

Medical level from System Shock imported to Unity


###Notes This project is still under heavy development. Anything can change!

Prefab creation can take couple of minutes.

Before running map import, please restart Unity. Font importing is broken in Unity and new fonts will only work after restart.

Map importing currently imports only one map. Map can be changed by editing Assets/SSImporter/Editor/MapImport.cs at line 38

You can use character prefabs from standard assets. They will have to be resized to match the level scale. 0.7 for height seems to work nicely. Don’t forget to change speed settings too.


  1. Create new Unity project (3D, No asset packages needed)
  2. Clone repository to Unity projects Assets folder. (or copy SSImporter directory) Unity should now import and compile everything.
  3. Run every importer in order from Assets/SystemShock menu.
    Starting from 0. Set RES Path. It should ask for folder. Select your RES folder.
    Run 1. Create Object Factory
    Run 2. …


  • Trigger graph (partially done)
  • Palette rotated textures
    • Each palette chunk (5 colors) is rotated at different speed. Use multi layered material (one layer per chunk)?
  • Bitmap upsampling (some sprites seems to be upsampled)
  • Combine tiles to create uniform collision mesh from level geometry.
  • Code to weld and optimize level & decal mesh.
  • Music ( (Port to Unity?)
  • Intro/Ending movie import
  • Look into MAC resource files
    • Higher resolution UI graphics?
    • Quick time Intro/Ending videos
  • Mini map
  • Mini games
  • Code cleanup/refactoring
  • Make import automated (Wizard)


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