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Custom importer based on Preset system for Unity

Unity 2018.1.0b12MIT LicenseUpdated 3 years agoCreated on March 30th, 2018
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  • Made by Atomic Digital Design

This is a package to expand the default importer preset Unity uses to add filtering options

Disclaimer : This is still a work in progress

Works with Unity 2018.1b12

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Instructions :

  • The custom importer works via a set of rules for each type of importers (currently working with textures, audio and models). To create a set of rules you go to the “Create” menu of the project view and select the type you want.


  • Each rule is associated with a preset you choose. (currently rules include asset name tests and path tests) When an asset is imported the rules will be tested one by one and the first valid will apply it’s settings. You can reorder the rules using the button “Sort by priority”, it will reorder the list from the highest priority to the lowest.


    To set a rule you add an element to the list, set the associated preset and priority, set the wanted filter (name and/or path) to ON and fill in the text to check. If multiple filters are selected they are combine by “AND”.

  • To link a set of rules to the AssetPostProcessor you assign it in “CustomImporterLinks” which contains a slot for each asset importer type. The presets will be applied automatically on import.


  • Each assets saves their links to the rule applied at import. You can change and reapply a preset via the button “Reapply preset”, it’ll reimport with a new preset each asset using the rule you clicked. You can reset the assets for a rule, it will reimport the associated assets as new (reapplying valid rules).


* Add tests based on specific types (like texture size)
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