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A collection of tools to simplify writing public API components for the Unity software.

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A collection of tools to simplify writing public API components for the Unity software.

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Malimbe for the Unity software aims to reduce repetitive boilerplate code by taking the assemblies that are created by build tools and changing the assembly itself, new functionality can be introduced and logic written as part of the source code can be altered. This process is called Intermediate Language (IL) weaving and Malimbe uses Fody to do it.

Malimbe helps running Fody and Fody addins without MSBuild or Visual Studio and additionally offers running them inside the Unity software by integrating with the Unity software compilation and build pipeline. Multiple weavers come with Malimbe to help with boilerplate one has to write when creating Unity software components that are intended for public consumption. This includes a form of “serialized properties”, getting rid of duplicated documentation through XML documentation and the [Tooltip] attribute as well as weavers that help with ensuring the API is able to be called from UnityEvents and more.

Getting Started

Adding the package to the Unity project manifest

  • Navigate to the Packages directory of your project.

  • Adjust the [project manifest file][Project-Manifest] manifest.json in a text editor.

    • Ensure is part of scopedRegistries.
      • Ensure io.extendreality is part of scopes.
    • Add io.extendreality.malimbe to dependencies, stating the latest version.

    A minimal example ends up looking like this. Please note that the version X.Y.Z stated here is to be replaced with the latest released version which is currently Release.

      "scopedRegistries": [
          "name": "npmjs",
          "url": "",
          "scopes": [
      "dependencies": {
        "io.extendreality.malimbe": "X.Y.Z",
  • Switch back to the Unity software and wait for it to finish importing the added package.

  • Anywhere in your Unity software project add a FodyWeavers.xml file.

  • Configure the various weavers Malimbe offers, e.g.:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <LogLevel>Error, Warning</LogLevel>
      <Malimbe.XmlDocumentationAttribute IdentifierReplacementFormat="`{0}`"/>

    As with any Fody weaver configuration the order of weavers is important in case a weaver should be applying to the previous weaver’s changes.

    In case there are multiple configuration files all of them will be used. In that scenario, if multiple configuration files specify settings for the same weaver, a weaver will be configured using the values in the last configuration file found. A warning is logged to notify of this behavior and to allow fixing potential issues that may arise by ensuring only a single configuration exists for any used weaver.

Additional weavers are supported. To allow Malimbe’s Unity software integration to find the weavers’ assemblies they have to be included anywhere in the Unity software project or in one of the UPM packages the project uses.

Updating to the latest version

The package will show up in the Unity Package Manager UI once the above steps have been carried out. From then on the package can be updated by selecting the package in the Unity Package Manager and clicking on the Update button or using the version selection UI.


Check out the Documentation a further in-depth look at the features of Malimbe.


Inspired by Fody’s naming the name “Malimbe” comes from the small birds that belong to the weaver family Ploceidae.

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Please refer to the Extend Reality Contributing guidelines and the Unity project coding conventions.

Code of Conduct

Please refer to the Extend Reality Code of Conduct.


Malimbe is released under the MIT License.

Third-party notices can be found in


These materials are not sponsored by or affiliated with Unity Technologies or its affiliates. “Unity” and “Unity Package Manager” are trademarks or registered trademarks of Unity Technologies or its affiliates in the U.S. and elsewhere.

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