MATRIX Unity Sensor Utility App by Hermitter - 2


Send MATRIX sensor data to the unity engine. Unity project files are included

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Gyroscope Demo


This project contains two important folders. The first folder, Unity-Assets, goes into your exsisting unity project. The second file, Unity-Sensor-Utility, is a MOS app that is installed on your MATRIX device.

The MOS app allow you to send the sensor data from your MATRIX to a unity client.

This connection uses as a server to send data. The MATRIX.cs file contains options to pick the sensors you want to use. Once attached to a game object, every script will have access to calling your MATRIX’s sensors.


Although this app only sends sensor data, it can easily be expanded to read and control every component of your MATRIX from Unity. Feel free to use these files in any way to help you with your project.

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