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An Unity Framework for Augmented Reality Sandboxes

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Unity Framework for AR Sandboxes

This was an student project at the TH Rosenheim in Wintersemester 2019/2020. Credits for this Work go to Christian Kink,Alexander Gebhardt, Johannes Nowack and Patrick Stadler

This framework uses the Intel Real Sense SDK 2 and should be compatible with all supporting Cameras. Currently only RealSense d415 was tested.


This Framework features:

  • Dual Monitor Support (One for the Sandbox and One for Desktop use like 3D-Person)
  • Dynamic path finding when terrain is changed
  • QR Code detection inside the sandbox
  • Easy to use terrain shading for real time performance
  • Access to to the depth image as texture

Example video for dynamic pathfinding

All further information can be found in the Wiki

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